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Catfish, widespread identify for about 2200 species of fishes, of which some 1200 are South American. Two family members are mainly maritime. All other people inhabit refreshing water. Catfishes are mostly nocturnal scavengers, living in close proximity to the base in shallow waters.

The title catfish is derived from the feelings, or barbels, that increase from each and every facet of the upper jaw of the fish and, in some species, from the lessen jaw also, suggesting the whiskers of a cat. The dorsal and pectoral fins are typically edged with sharp spines, in some situations toxic, which are utilised in protection and can inflict sever wounds. Associates of several catfish households in South The us are protected with bony plates. A European species, the sheatfish, or wels, is the biggest catfish, reportedly achieving a bodyweight of 290 kg (650 lb) and a length of nearly 4 m (practically 13 ft).

The blind catfish, uncovered in caverns in eastern Pennsylvania, has atrophied eyes, and the electric powered catfish of the Nile River and tropical central Africa is able of providing an electric shock. One more odd catfish, the so-called strolling catfish, at first happened in jap India and Southeast Asia. In 1968, it was identified close to Boca Raton, Florida, next its import by tropical-fish dealers.

Its most duration is 56 cm (22 in). In “strolling” to spots of deeper drinking water in dry spells, this catfish moves across land (between bodies of drinking water) by a slithering motion merged with a thrashing of its tail. In addition, a stout spell in just about every pectoral fin digs into the floor to assistance stability and propel the fish. It is capable to breathe air by means of a modified gill arch that types an air chamber.
Some species of catfish are thought to be amid the biggest freshwater fish in the environment. A specimen of large catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) netted in 2005 in the Mekong River in northern Thailand, reportedly weighed 293 kg (646 lb) and calculated 2.7 m (9 ft) in size.

Of the several species of North American catfishes, the bullhead is normally fished for eating. Of biggest business importance are fishes in the Mississippi River valley and the Gulf states, some of which weigh as considerably as 70 kg (as significantly as 150 lb). The blue catfish, or chucklehead, and the channel catfish, the flesh of which is esteemed as equivalent to that of black bass, kind the big element of the harvest.

Catfishes at this time account for about just one-50 % of the aquaculture manufacturing in the United States. Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, California, and Louisiana all have substantial catfish farms there are a whole of about 60,700 hectares (about 150,000 acres) of catfish farms in these and other states. The United States output of farm-elevated catfishes amplified from much less than 90 million kg (considerably less than 200 million lb) in 1985 to much more than 200 million kg (far more than 450 million lb) in 1992, and commercial income of farmed catfishes have been approximated at about 200 million kg (about 450 million lb) in 1993. New technologies this kind of as genetic advancement, recirculating methods, and handle of disorders may perhaps proceed to market the progress of this business.

Catfishes make up the get Siluriformes. The two marine family members are Ariidae and Plotosidae. The sheatfish is labeled as Silurus glanis, the blind catfish as Gronias nigrilabris, the electric powered catfish as Malapterurus electricus, and the strolling catfish as Clarias batrachus. Bullhead belong to the relatives Ictaluridae. The blue catfish is categorized as Ictalurus furcatus, and the channel catfish as Ictalurus punctatus.

Channel Catfish
The channel catfish is a commercially important foodstuff fish. Its delicious flesh has been as opposed to black bass. At first identified in freshwater streams and lakes in central and eastern areas of the United States and southern Canada, channel catfish have been launched broadly by the United States. Catfish farming, or raising catfish commercially in large ponds, is expanding swiftly in the southeastern United States.

Brown Bullhead
Valued for food and sport, the brown bullhead, a North American species of catfish, life in quite a few freshwater streams in the eastern United States. Generally measuring less than 46 cm (18 in) very long, the brown bullhead reveals the usual whiskerlike feelers that give the catfish its identify. The brown bullhead is regarded as the most commercially crucial of all catfish.

Catfish Going for walks on Land
Catfish (named for whiskerlike feelers on their jaws) are a assorted collection of tenacious fish that have adapted to lifetime in a wide range of environments. There are extra than 2000 unique species. Just one kind of catfish, Clarias batrachus, usually identified as the going for walks catfish, is indigenous to shallow ponds in japanese India and Southeast Asia. When droughts bring about shallow ponds to dry up, the going for walks catfish is capable of touring across land to shift to further ponds. It makes use of its pectoral fins and tail to slither across the floor, or “walk,” in research of a appropriate new pond, surviving on oxygen saved in an air chamber in its gill arch.

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