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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

150+ Websites Making $ 6- $ 100 Per Day – You Can Do This Too – My Online Business Strategy



I have been marketing online for over 3 years now quite successfully. I am also a muchought after IM consultant.

The # 1 question I get from prospective clients is, "What methods would you teach me in order to make money online?", Or something of that nature.

Although I teach several methods to generate different income streams, my favorite method involves simple website creation using WordPress in conjunction with affiliate marketing to monetize.

My methods are not anything new, but over the last several years I have perfected it in such a way as to maximize the benefits regarding organic search engine traffic and high conversions.

It's not uncommon for my sites to get 5000+ hits per month! And it's all free traffic!

I currently have 150+ websites that are making anywhere from $ 6 to $ 100 per day, I have about 4 that do $ 100 a day, the rest are all over the board.

Anyways … I wanted to share my basic business model here …

First and most importantly, the general idea is to produce a mini-authority website of 20+ pages that is optimized for 20+ keywords (including your main page and domain name keyword.)

The websites will have the pages listed on the left hand side of the site and all will link to internal pages. Each of the pages are, in and of themselves, searched keywords that will rank on the first page of the search engines and each garnish it's own share of organic traffic.

First you find a niche.

Then you start doing the keyword research.

The main keyword (for the main page as well as your domain name) needs to be reliably general.


Niche – Tattoos

Main Page (and domain name) Keyword – Masculine Tattoos

Internal Pages "Alternate Keywords" (listed on the left hand side of the website) – Tribal Arm Tattoos, Back Tattoos, Rib Tattoos, etc.

Using your favorite keyword research tool, the keywords MUST have at least 800 searches per month (exact match) and have manageable competition within the search engines. Let's just say 30,000 results or less (in Google) when searched for in quotes.

I build websites using WordPress (WordPress.org.) I do this because quite simply, it's easier than building a static web page and it's much simpler to teach as well as implemented.

When I build a site, I use a theme that has a left column sidebar and set it up to look like a regular website as opposed to a blog. For example, I take out page tabs, any unnecessary widgets, etc.

I then create a page to use as my main page (utilizing an already researched keyword that I will also use as my domain name.)

I go into the dashboard of the blog and under "Settings", I choose "Reading." Then I pick the page I just created to be a "static page" and my front page.

This allows a single post or page to be displayed as opposed to many posts like a blog has.

As you find your keywords, you will then create pages that will be clickable links using anchor text HTML within text widgets to be placed in the left sidebar of the site.

Once you create your site, you should have a very clean and basic website that has 20+ pages of content, that is linked to with keyword links on the left hand side of the page that is visible to your visitor no matter what page they happen to be visiting on your site.

All my websites are ranked # 1 through # 5 for all their target keywords (pages included.) 85% + of my traffic comes directly from Google. The rest comes from people and or online entities who have linked to my sites.

My Website Qualities:

* They all target 5-10 different products per site.

* I recommend both informational products (ex: ClickBank products), and physical products (ex: Amazon, eBay.) There are pros and cons for each. Informational products require more of a pre-sell, so in order to be more persuasive, your content needs to be at least 500 to 750 words per page. Physical products (tangible items) are great because you do not have to say as much and the competition is usually more manageable.

In building these sites, my goal is to be # 1 in Google. In fact the power of this system is that all of the pages within your site have the ability to be # 1 in Google, so you can only imagine what type of traffic and conversions that brings with it.

* Note – When done properly, 10% or more of your pages will rank on the first page of Google without you doing anything extra at all. I have found however, to get to # 1 for everything, backlinking is key.

In the beginning, I wrote all of the content for my sites, and my backlinking (if needed.) At this point, I outsource almost all of my work in order to spend more time driving my businesses forward.

My online business strategy is an awesome business model that really works (To the tune of six figures annually for me.)

One great thing about this model, is that for the cost of one domain name (usually about $ 10 per year), and the cost of hosting (roughly $ 14 per month), you can set this business up.

* Note – Get a hosting company that allows unlimited sub-domains so that you can build more sites by just buying more domain names only.

Unless you pay for outsourcing, those are your only costs within your time investment.

The sky is the limit!


Source by Gary Gregory

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