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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

2 EASY Ways to Make 400 Dollars a Week From Home in Your SPARE Time! (No Bull)



Who else is looking for an easy way to make 400 a week from home….but DOESN’T have a ton of cash to invest in gurus, product launches and other silly strategies? Does the idea of being your own boss appeal to you….yet you DON’T know where to start? If you are anything like I once was….your PASSION for building your home based business FAR exceeds the profits you’ve made, and a solid strategy is ALL you need to make your move.

The GOOD news?

While 400 dollars a week is NOT going to make you rich, it’s a great start…and for many of your reading this right now, it’s the sort of marketing momentum you need to get the CONFIDENCE required to dedicate yourself full time to making money from home. (and a little bit of confidence is often ALL you need to create KILLER amounts of cash for a very long time!)

Want 2 easy ways to make 400 dollars a week….all while working part time only? Both of these techniques ONLY require that you create good content….much like I’m doing right here, and then leverage that content strategically…..to earn easy money.

Technique #1: Affiliate Arbitrage

Use your articles to drive traffic to the VENDORS web site, using your affiliate ID, simply by submitting your content to high trust article directories. (much like the one you are most likely reading this!) By optimizing your resource box for high click through rates….and by picking high EPC (average earnings per 100 visitors) you can EASILY make 56-100 dollars a day on a part time basis, with MUCH more being possible if you are willing to create more content. (or in this case….simply write more articles for syndication) The truth? When I first started with this strategy, I earned over $100 a day in my very first week….after a year or two of making NOTHING, no matter how much I tried….or how many different strategies I learned.

Technique #2: Create Content for EASY Cash

Believe it or not…one of the BIGGEST “secrets” in the online marketing universe is that there are lots of people making a GREAT full time income from home…simply writing articles like this one, and selling them to people who are desperate for content. Content is KING…..and every niche, every industry and every busy entrepreneur needs as much of it as they can get. You can literally sell 500 word articles anywhere from 7-20 dollars a piece….and I can literally write 4 of these an hour. (This one took LESS than 15 minutes altogether…..and I’m watching Law and Order Special Victims Unit while typing..:-)

The bottom line?

There are MANY ways to earn $400 a week from home…but most will cost you time, money or a REAL investment to get there. The 2 strategies above are SIMPLE…and if you need the cash, you CAN start today, I promise! (no gurus required)


Source by Lee A. Johnson

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