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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

A Crucial Step To Earning Money Online



Many people don’t realize it, but goal setting and earning money online go hand in hand. Before you begin to think of goals that you would like to achieve, let’s dissect what a goal really is and how to properly set one so that you can have success in what ever goal you set for yourself in any aspect of your life.

Step 1: On a piece of paper write down one goal that you would like to achieve in a relatively short period of time. Create a triangle underneath it. On the top of the triangle write down “what”, one the bottom right write “how” and on the bottom left write “why”.

The “what” represents your goal. It describes something that you want to have, something that you want to be or something that you want to do. Look at your goal and ask yourself is this something that I want to have, something that I want to be or something that I want to do. The answer is yes to one of those.

Step 2: Write down these three words: specific, measurable and time value. A goal is not a goal unless it contains all three values.

For starters, it must be specific. Most people speak in ambiguous terms. Stating that your goal is to earn money online is not a goal. It is merely a statement, there is nothing backing it. It is not concrete. Our minds work best when it is provided with specific instructions. When you create a goal you want to make sure that it is as specific as possible. Strip ambiguity from your life.

Your goal must have a measurable value. Think of a sporting event there is always a measurement

system to tell viewers that their team is winning, losing, or tied. Goals work the same way. If you set a goal today then starting tomorrow and so on you are either ahead of target, below target or right on target. You need to device a measurement system because it is the only way to separate yourself from others.

All your goals should have a time frame associated with them. Look at your credit card bills or think back to when you were in school all your assignments had time frames because this is the only way people will get on top of things. Having a time frame facilitates action.

Look back at your goal. Is it specific? Is there a measurement or time frame connected with it, if not revise it.

Step 3: Your “why” is the fuel that gets you to take action. Identify with complete clarity why you want to earn money online. Until you have clarified and understand why you want to achieve that goal you will never have enough push to overcome obstacles that will get in the way of achieving your goals.

Step 4: “How” is your plan. These are the actions that you are going to take in order to arrive at your goals.

Step 5: Write these numbers on top of one another 1, 3, 5

1. Represents the “what”

3. Identify three why’s

5. Represents your how’s. Provide five specific activities that your are going to engage in and put a time frame next to each one

Setting goals is crucial if you want to earn money online. Provided above is a power goal setting system.


Source by Jeff Casmer

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