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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Earn Money Online – Freedom For Single Moms



For anyone that wants to earn money online, the future looks brighter and brighter. Today, I want to appeal to single moms. If you are a single mom, first and foremost, I salute you and want you to know that you are my hero. My husband travels quite independently, and each time he is away, I become a single mom for a little while. One of the hardest parts for me, is juggling all the different hats I have to wear and never having enough time to take care of myself. Taking care of me gets put on the back burner.

To all the single mothers, I know it can be exhausting. My goal is to give you an opportunity to take care of you. You have courage, you are a master task juggler, you are self less and you deserve to take care of yourself. If not for you, your children deserve a mommy that takes care of herself. Not after today, will you be able to say that I do not have the money. I want to inspire you to consider online business opportunities. Quite simply, a fifth grader can earn money online, I want you to see this as a source of freedom. What would you do with a little extra income? Pay off debt? Buy clothes? Dare to dream!

As I discussed in an earlier article, single moms that want to earn money online have 2 simple goals:

1. Drive traffic to a website, where you sell services or products or both;

2. Convert website visitors into customers.

Let's look at each goal from the perspective of a single mom looking to supplement her income and earn money online. I am going to assume she is on a limited budget. So the good news is that there are so many low-cost or FREE options for her, that there are almost no barriers to entry for the single mom that wants to earn money online.

FREE Website

She can get a website up and running for FREE and looking quite impressive by creating a blog on WordPress. All she has to do is go to www.wordpress.com , register a blog, pick a theme and start posting. Honestly, that's it. From this blog, she can sell products, services and even e-bay auction items. OK, so the website is up and running, now what? Next, she has to drive traffic to her website.

FREE Traffic to her Website

One of the easiest and free ways to drive traffic to a website is through social networking. Why? Because it's viral. All you have to do is build your social network and then direct them to your website. That means, set yourself up on Facebook and start adding friends. That means, getting a Twitter account and start following people. That means, getting a channel on YouTube and start posting your home videos. And the list goes on. If there is one segment of the population out there that is good at building a social network, it's single moms. Single moms have their fingers in so many pies, thanks to all their kids' activities, so it's very easy to quickly build a network. Think of your network as a form of currency. If you are a single mom and have developed a decent network of friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter, you have an incredible, valuable asset and you can go to bed tonight with a big smile on your face. You just need to unleash its potential. If you do not have a large network yet, it's really easy to build one … and again, it's FREE.

Converting Traffic to Buyers

Now, the key to getting traffic to a website is actually converting your website visitors. Once again, single moms have a hand up on lots of other people because, most likely, they have built a relationship with their website visitors through everyday life. People do business with people they like. If you can be real, honest and open with people, simply through posts on your blog, the updates on Facebook and the tweets on twitter, you will always find a following of people that want to do business with you. It really is that simple.

Now, all you have to do is find something to sell. A great place to start looking for something to sell is either affiliate marketing or network marketing, or both … because the upstart costs are minimal and the speed with which you can get started is very short. One more reason I recommend either of these – the income potential is unlimited. For affiliate marketing, where you promote other people's products, but earn a commission when they buy, a great place to start is ClickBank, www.clickbank.com . For network marketing, if you want to get involved but do not want to prospect friends and family, I have an amazing, simple, step-by-step system that you can test drive for just $ 1 at Earn money Online.

I wish you the best of luck. Please know that I believe in you … you deserve to start taking care of yourself today.


Source by Meredith Hill

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