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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

How an Online Business Can and Will Change Your Life



Not to long ago I had been thinking about how I could make some changes in my life. The children had grown up and left to set up families of their own, you don’t realise how having children seems to keep you on one Path in life and that is looking after your family, making sure you have food and clothing and dedicating your life to them. Once they had left I seem to feel like I was at a loss, I started to think about life, my life. I had always been a very active person, working long hours six sometimes seven days a week to support my family.

But now they had gone, what was I doing; still working these long hours, for what, is this what life was all about. One of my hobbies,when I had the time was browsing the internet, I don’t know why but I just seem to enjoy it. I started to get loads of emails from people I did not even know asking me to join with them in their online business. In these emails they were claiming you could start to live life to the full have money in the bank, and work less hours than you day job. I thought this was all just hype, but for some reason, this started to get me thinking, can you really make a living online, was it that easy? Now I don’t know why but I started to do some research into these claims, could this be true.

One of my problems I thought was, I am not very good with the computer, yes I know how switch on and browse, but that was all of my skills. The other problem I had I thought was, I was to old, you know that saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks well I thought that was me, and you know what, that’s not true. I spent around six weeks in doing my research into these online business opportunities and narrowed it down to four that were of interested me. They were claiming that anyone could make money online no matter what skills you had. So out of the four I picked one and took the plunge, the cost to join was $3500-00 what was I doing I thought.

I started to try and understand how the business worked, but what I found was I had to keep spending more and more money but with no return. I thought because I was what you call a newbie to online business, I was just being taken advantage of, which turned out to be true. So I decide to cut my losses and try to do some more research, after which I took the plunge again, and you know what the same thing happen again. I was starting to loose interest in trying to make money from the internet, I thought I was to old for this and must be missing something. After a couple of weeks I received an email from this guy claiming that his online business was the only one to join if I really want to make it on the internet.

In his email was a link to a free training video explaining how the business worked. I watched the video and thought shall I or not. What stunned me was within the email was a contact number that I could call if I wanted any questions answered. So you know what, I did, I called this guy thinking I would get some kind of recorded message, but no a real voice on the other end.

I explained my situation to him, that I was what you call a newbie, and that I had already tried with two other online businesses without any success, His answer took me by surprise, he explained that the same had happened to him when he first started in the business, and that its all part of a learning curve. The other thing that I liked was, he said if you have any problems or need help, all I had to do was pick up the phone, which I thought was great.

He went on to explain that within the back office of the business was all the training products that I needed to get started, he also told me that the only other costs Would be for a domain name and a hosting account, and that I would not have to spend anymore. What impressed me more was there was no hard sales pitch in our conversation. I decided to join the business, third time lucky I thought, and you know what I am still here, now earning more than I thought possible for less hours. It took me a while to get up and running but I got there in the end. Oh the name of the business is Yournetbiz. Now my life has change like I never thought possible, and it just gets better.


Source by Steve Duval

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