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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

How Do Websites Make Money With AdSense? Learn How Google's AdSense Program Can Make You Money


One of the first questions you may ask when trying to make money online is, "How do websites make money with AdSense?" Well the truth is, Google's AdSense program can be a passive way for your website to earn money. Businesses use Google to advertise their products and / or services all over the internet. The advertisements are inserted into mainly, websites, blogs and forums. AdWords are the advertisements you see from Google on websites and AdSense is the money that is paid to the website owner.

You could own multiple websites that are all monetized with AdSense ads from Google. Each website earns money, even big or small the amount is, this all adds up. Imagine if you had 25 websites, all awareness, on average, one dollar a day. That one dollar a day multiplied by 25 websites and then multiplied by 30 days in a month equals seven hundred and fifty dollars! Now imagine if your websites earn an average of $ 5 a day. That $ 5 a day, multiplied by 25 websites and then by 30 days in a month equals, three-thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars! You can easily see how the AdSense program can become a full-time income.

When you have a website or blog you can sign up for an account with Google's AdSense program and they will give you a special code to put into your website. That code will allow Google to place advertisements such as, banners, text and links, relevant to your websites content on your website pages for visitors to see. When the visitors of your site are looking for more information and click on one of those advertisements, you get paid according to what the CPC rate is for the keywords you used to build that web page. CPC stands for cost per click.

The advertising company pays Google, through AdWords, to put ads all around the internet for them. When a potential customer clicks on an ad Google has placed for the company, the company must pay. If your website is where the potential customer clicked the ad, Google splits the money with the owner of the website, which is you.

So if you have a ton of traffic coming to your website, a percentage of that traffic will click on advertisements in search of more information. You decide where you want ads to appear and how often they appear on your website. However, there are rules you must abide by in order to be in compliance and get paychecks from Google. When you sign up for your account, make sure you read the terms of service page to avoid any problems.

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