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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Internet Marketing – A Special Message for Anyone Struggling to Earn a Living Online



Internet marketing is either something that makes your rich or causes you to starve. You are either feasting or going through a famine. In fact, 95% of people who try to earn a decent income online fail.


Well, the first step is knowledge. You have to know certain things to make a living online. You need both strategy and expertise, as well as some technical skills to boot. So there is a bit of a learning curve. But if all that was required was knowledge, we'd have a lot more internet millionaires.

It's not just what you know in internet marketing that determines your success – it's how you feel about what you know. We call this "attitude".

If you really want to change your success in internet marketing, you probably do not need to buy another new product. Instead, you just have to change you attitude so that you actually take action on the information you already have and know to be valuable.

One way I did this was I changed my philosophy on how I approached my internet business. At a seminar I heard a guy speak who was doing 20 million dollars a year on the internet. To him, he said business was a game that you either won or lost. So every morning, he hit the office with the attitude that he was going to win.

I adopted the same philosophy, and I immediately found myself making smarter decisions, being more aggressive with my efforts, and just flat out taking more action and getting more results.

The second largest "attitudinal stumbling block" is when you run into an unsuspecting obstacle. You have to learn how to adapt and find another way to make it work. I see too many people on the internet trying to make money who are just "clones" of their favorite gurus.

You need to be a strategist. Otherwise, when the first unexpected thing pops up, you're going to go into a fetal position and freeze up. You need to either find a way or make one.

These are the two biggest attributes I can give you to that are most likely to help you meet with success in internet marketing.


Source by Jason Fladlien

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