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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Money Making Secret – Stop Learning, Start Earning!



The biggest problem with any beginning internet marketer is Continuous Learning but not Earning. They always plan to learn new courses, new tips and tricks, new techniques but they won’t apply any of them practically to earn money.

Internet is a Repetitive Information Monster means same information everywhere and can easily eat any internet marketer if not cautious. To earn dollars on internet there is only one way… Always focus on what you are doing but not on what you are learning to become a better internet marketer.

All Online Courses Are Same Except Few:

All the courses available on online money making are teaching the same thing in a different way in their own style. Nobody can give everything on internet money making and can make you a big fish in a few months but many courses are giving enough information to start your online money making journey. Only thing required..must and should..is your(internet marketer) attitude to start doing things practically. You must be crazy in doing and getting results but not be crazy to learn new things.

Any beginning internet marketer has to join 2 or 3 courses for learning how big fishes are making 6 figure income per month. But just by joining their courses won’t give anything. You have to start practically doing things differently, testing things differently, get experience, change approach till you get dollars in your bank account.

Earning – Learning Cycle (80:20 Rule):

1. Spend 80% of your internet marketing time on doing things to earn dollars.

2. Spend remaining 20% of time on learning new things, what ever you call.

Make it a cycle… First Earning… Second Learning… Don’t forget internet is information monster. If you go on learning new tips and tricks you will end no where, you’ll become master of learning but not master of earning. We want Earning Dollars not learning information.

Always Ask What I can Do Now? don’t ask what i can learn?:

At any point of time ask what i can do to earn money. If you are ready you can do so many things in a few minutes.

1. articles Writing (Like what you are reading now)

2. Joining Forums and posting reply’s.

3. Making one page websites with product reviews.

4. Participating in Google groups and communities.

5. Online classifieds.

6. using Blogs for marketing.

7. Offline marketing (your friends, relatives and neighbors etc..)

There are so many new avenues are waiting for any body ready to do things differently.

Finally, If you change your attitude to do things instead of learning and leaving, there is no other way but dollars in your bank account. So start doing things immediately, right now.


Source by Srinivasa Rao Tentu

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