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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Plenty of Assets – Having Investment Options and Ways to Double Your Assets



What happens if you currently are lucky enough to have plenty of assets and are looking for investment options? Even if the sum is not huge you may be prepared or able to look at an investment option that goes beyond a conventional savings scheme.

Given the general state of the housing market and of share prices it is probably not an idea to invest in those areas unless you really know what you are doing – and equally importantly are both investing for the longer term and can afford, at worst, to lose your investment.

An alternative option is to invest in items that have practical short term value, are reasonably likely to maintain their value over time and that can be reliably easily sold at a later stage. Practical investment options of this type are things such as vintage jewelery, vintage cars or art. Depending on what you can afford these all can be enjoyed while they appreciate in value and are easy enough to sell when you need to.

More esoteric options include investing in film making. The rules vary from country to country but in the UK you can invest up to £ 400,000, any profits are free of tax and most losses can be offset against other tax liabilities. As with all such schemes you would obviously want to take specialist advice. However, this is a useful example of the less common investment options that still exist.

Thus if you have plenty of assets there are still investment opportunities that go beyond either high risk gambles or conservative investment in conventional savings. Apart from the filming industries, investment strategies that most use is to compound their money where the risk is extremely low. Converting your assets to cash and entrusting it to the bank only yields at most 5-8% APR. This is unacceptable as the banks compound your money to make profits that is why it is strongly advisable to learn the secrets of compounding so that you could apply it.


Source by Ken Mappa

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