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Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

Online money treasure for you to open your own advertising business

WARNING: Why You Need to Quit Your Day Job (Unless You’re Already Earning $300 a Day)



I know this sounds overly optimistic and too good to be true, but I believe that everyone should quit their day job.

Unless you really love what you’re doing right now, there is NO reason to work for the “man” (or, if your boss is female… for the “woman”, either!).

The truth is, we live in very exciting times.

Years ago people thought that the internet would revolutionize the home based entrepreneurial marketplace.

They were right.

But it’s really SOCIAL media, and the amazing avalanche of opportunities to reach out and connect with a community of people who share your PASSION which is tearing down the walls that stood in your way… even a few years back.

The truth is, if you love something… you can build a successful online business today.


All you need to do is be wiling to lead, think out of the box a bit, and create the actual community where others who share your passion will congregate.

People who are struggling to earn money online tend to think that you need to build a business around the “internet marketing” niche.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, I find the “IM” or entrepreneurial spaces the most difficult to monetize. (Mostly because you’ve got to sell some slimy strategies to REALLY succeed to the same degree you can have similar success elsewhere).

I want to give you what I truly believe is the absolute easiest way you can go from ZERO, to a six figure salary, in the next 3 months (working 100% for yourself, and getting started largely for free).

Build COMMUNITIES for other entrepreneurs who need content in real world niches that are professional in nature.

Do you know how many accountants right now do NOT have a website or blog (or have a site circa 1992 that looks worse than having no site at all?).

Do you know how many local restaurants need a blog and a Facebook marketing strategy?

Do you know how many passion professionals of ALL kinds who are HYPER successful in the offline world, need a ground floor marketing mentor in the online one?

Don’t think you can create 1 new blog, with a Facebook page, a twitter account and some curated content per day and charge $297 for it?

You aren’t looking that close if you don’t!

The truth is, one of my best friends (a very successful doctor in NJ) just paid $4000 for a website that was literally 10 pages of content and a $35 template from one of the design shacks.

And he thinks he got a pretty good deal.

I could have done the same thing in 4 hours and done it for free (and would have it he asked).

There is AMAZING money out there for entrepreneurs who are willing to go where the REAL need is – and it’s real people, with real businesses who are already successful and need help migrating their marketing online. (You can BE that bridge… and build your brand, your business and your bank account while you do!).


Source by Ian Ross Hollander

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