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Why Leaders Are EARNING Respect Daily



Unfortunately, far too many individuals, assume some position of leadership, and presume, holding a particular position, means, they should automatically be respected, listened to, and followed! However, my four decades of identifying, qualifying, training and consulting to thousands of actual and / or potential leaders, has taught me, the only true way, for this to occur, is to proactively do, all one can, to earn that respect and / or admiration. This must not be a one-time quest or focus, but, rather, one must understand, realize, and proceed forward, ready, willing and able, to do so, on a consistent, daily basis. Therefore, this article will attempt to briefly examine and review, using the mnemonic approach, why meaningful leaders proceed, in such a way, where they are EARNING respect, daily!

1. Empathy; excellence; energy; endurance: Leading must never be about someone's personal agenda, and / or self – interest, but, rather, about the needs, concerns and priorities, of those one serves and representations. Proceeding with the highest level of genuine empathy, demanding personal excellence, combined with the utmost energy, and endurance / persistence, truly motivates others, to believe in, and follow an individual, in a way, which makes a difference, for the better!

2. Articulate; attitude; aptitude; attention: It is essential for a real leader, to articulate, clearly, and in a motivating way, a message, which others are willing to desire, and buy – into ! There must be an avoidance of negativity, and a commitment to consistently proceed, with a positive, can – do, attitude! One must realize, he must always improve and evolve, and develop his aptitude, and skills! Paying attention to the relevant details, and doing something to address them, goes far, towards listening that respect!

3. Relevant; ratione: How will you be certain, your approach and ideas, are relevant, to both your organization, and those you serve and represent? Will you be willing to thoroughly explain your ratione, to the best of your abilities?

4. Needs: True leadership is about recognizing, caring about, and addressing needs, in a consistent, relevant, meaningful way!

5. Inspiring; ideas; integrity: Without you proceed, in an inspiring way, you will not be considered valuable, to those you serve! Are your ideas, relevant and sustainable? Will you commit to absolute integrity, even when taking a short – cut, might be easier and more convenient?

6. Niceties: It takes more than technical competency, or desire, to lead effectively. It also requires doing all one can, to take advantage of any and all niceties, which might make others feel more comfortable, and open- minded!

7. Generate goodwill; growth: Organizations must consistently undergo relevant growth, if they are to be sustainable! To do so, it is essential, to do everything possible, to generate, genuine goodwill!

Are you consistently doing all you can, to be EARNING respect, daily? If you hope to be a real leader, this must be your focus? Are you up to the task?


Source by Richard Brody

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